Natural food supplements for athletes


All NUFEX products are manufactured under the strictest of precautions by food technology and pharmaceutical companies based in the lake area. Only quality-tested and absolutely consistently doping-free active ingredients and ingredients are guaranteed. We work 100% naturally wherever possible - natural substances provide everything that the body, performance and health-oriented mind and body needs. Now not just a center of Celtic high culture, but a "product forge" for 100% natural food supplements.

The stated intake cycles have proven themselves in practice:

Ingestion cycles for NUFEX products

                                                     Week 1                      from week 2                     Max. dose                   with oil?



Natanabol II*                               1x1x1 wm*                    2x2x2 wm*                         8/ day                          yes

RCA-Matrix*                                1x1x1 wm*                    2x2x2 wm*                         8/ dey                          yes

Lithocal Marine                           2g/ day                         5g/ day                               5g/ day                         no

Qinetik II                                      3 befor training             6 befor training                  10/ day                         no

CreaComplex                              3 befor training             8 befor training                  10/ day                         no


ReEgged'X                  2x / day 30g each with 400ml water or low-fat milk


NuVega (n)                  1x in the morning / 1x in the evening 2 level measuring spoons (38g) in 200ml water,

                                     Stir in rice or almond milk.

* Pairing with each other is possible if the maximum intake TOTAL is not exceeded!

e.g. 1x1x1 Nata + 1x1x1 QiNetik II etc.


* wm = with meals


Total duration of use: UNLIMITED! No familiarization effects known!




Example training plan + supplementation

Fast Muscles training guideline
-> Rapid build-up of muscle mass
-> Top regeneration
-> Perfect addition with NUFEX products

. Please use the contact button for questions about the training guidelines.

Your NUFEX team
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